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With an English association, going back many years, it makes perfect sense to have cosmetic and general surgery in an English environment with GMC registered surgeons at much cheaper prices.

Linda Briggs has built up an enviable reputation for quality and good prices using specialist-visiting surgeons working in Malta.  She can also offer Consultations and aftercare in Harley Street, London.
  Procedures are carried out in a supremely well-equipped private general hospital in Malta.


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Don't take chances with your Cosmetic Surgery Abroad in Malta.  Linda Briggs is a well established and respected company.  She has he lped thousands of patients find the right surgeon and location.  Linda has a new surgeon who visits Malta to carry out surgery, ask her for details.


The Malta Times featured Linda Briggs when she visited Malta looking at the options available for cosmetic and plastic surgery in Malta.  Linda Briggs has viewed most of the facilities available in Malta and seen the work of their cosmetic surgeons, she knows the best cosmetic surgeons in Malta, so ask for her help.  Click the cover to read the story


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